Have You ever Lightened Your Hair and/or Brows?

Do blondes really have much more fun? Inquiring minds want to know!
Hair, yes, brows, no, although I have seriously considered lightening the latter, particularly when I’ve had ombre hair.

The only thing that’s stopped me has been the maintenance aspect. I just haven’t thought I could deal with the upkeep… My brows are naturally dark and, having really dark roots, I can’t think of the in-between stage.


Oh, too much…

My hair, though, I’ve lightened quite a few times. I think my first attempts were in middle school, and oh, my gosh! — do you remember Sun-In? I remember using it in — I think it was sixth or seventh grade? — and having, like, straight-up orange hair!

I also used that cream bleach made for upper lip hair by Jolene that you could get at the drugstore? Again, I ended up with orange hair…and an orange mustache, haha!


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

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تسوق الآن

But, you know, I was young and had no absolutely idea what I was doing. All I knew was that it was fun (except for when it really didn’t work out).

By high school, I’d grown out of that phase and kept my hair mostly dark, but I went through another hair-lightening spell in college when I had a single thick, practically bleach-blonde streak in my bangs, a la Rogue from X-Men.

Looking back on it…I think I might’ve looked a little crazy-pants, but I thought it was hot sh*t at the time, LOL!

Through my 20s and my 30s up till now, I’ve gone back-and-forth between various shades of caramel. I think that with hair color, especially when you lighten it, it practically feels like you’re taking on a different personality. everything — your clothes and even the way your makeup looks — seems different. I think it’s fun.

My hair is now probably the darkest it’s been in a really long time, but I may go light again soon…


من تعرف؟ I’ll probably do something on a whim.

ماذا عنك؟ have you ever lightened your hair and/or brows?

مدمن سحر الحي الصديق،


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