Tokyo Milk wisdom No 26 perfume

pleased Black Friday!  I may or may not be out trying to nab a deal on winter season boots. I haven’t chose if I’ll brave the crowds.  I might just purchase online.

Today I’m evaluating Tokyo Milk wisdom No 26 perfume.  I’ve heard a lot about Tokyo Milk fragrances – how niche and unique they are; the official name of the company is Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite, for heaven’s sake.  But, I feel like it’s a very thoroughly manufactured brand image, not as indie or novel as they’d like us to think.

I purchased the eau de parfum of wisdom No 26 purely by chance: last year at around this time in November I was killing time in a little gifty shop – you know the kind, lots of trinkets adorned with whatever is the most recent trend – be it owls, foxes, pandas; necklaces with lightning bolt / mushroom / wishbone pendants, and a section of cutely packaged hand creams and perfumes at greatly marked-up prices.  They were having a 50% off sale on select fragrances, and wisdom No 26 was among the offering.  I snagged this for only $13.50.  I initially purchased it as a back-up present – just in case someone gave me a Christmas present who I wasn’t expecting to receive a gift from, I’d have something to give them back (do you do this – keep spares?)  But in the end, it wasn’t needed and the perfume sat in my stash unopened.  So I chose to open it and keep it for myself!

The presentation of the perfume is exceptional – it’s housed in a glass test tube casing with a cork topper.  The tagline for the scent is: Wisdom: the course of time & observation lead way to its inky depths.

Fragrance Notes: Water Lily, woods + Moss, Walnut, winter season Musk
Fragrantica categorizes this as Floral Woody Musk – I typically steer clear of scents with strong musk so I was a bit wary about wearing this, but I do like lily scents.

Upon opening up the vial, I saw that the rollerball was stuck askew onto the cork base – it just looked so messy.  Then I discovered that the cap on the bottle is crooked!  The threads of the bottle are malformed so that the cap screws on an angle.  I would have been embarrassed if I had given this away as a gift!

But the rollerball works just fine.  I was quite underwhelmed by this fragrance. I smell mostly water lily but it’s very one dimensional, and the staying power was very poor.  Within two hours of applying this, I could no longer smell it on my skin even with my nose best up against my wrist.  Again, happy I didn’t give this away as a present.

Overall: meh.  Maybe a 5. I’ve been so snarky in this review, I ought to give it a 5 for effort.

Not sure if I would venture into other Tokyo Milk fragrances – any fans out there who can sway me into trying another?

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